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The first time I tried ecstasy, I was at a party with some friends. We were all in our early 20s, and someone had brought a stash of the pills. They were small and white, and we each took one.

It didn’t take long for the effects to kick in. I suddenly felt incredibly happy and euphoric. The music at the party sounded better than ever, and I felt like I was dancing on air.

I was also extremely chatty and sociable. I talked to everyone at the party, and it felt like I was connected to them in a special way. I felt like I understood them and they understood me.

The effects of the ecstasy wore off after a few hours, and I was left feeling happy and content. I had experienced something truly magical, and I was hooked.

I continued to take ecstasy at parties, and it became a regular part of my social life. I started to go to nightclubs and music festivals where ecstasy was widely available.

I loved the feeling of being on ecstasy, and I didn’t care about the risks. I was young and invincible, and I thought nothing could touch me.

But then, one night, everything changed.

ectasy addict

I took too much ecstasy, and I started to experience paranoia and anxiety. I was sweating and my heart was racing. I felt like I was going to die.

I was rushed to the hospital, and I was lucky to survive. I was diagnosed with serotonin syndrome, and I was told that I could have died if I hadn’t sought medical help.

That experience was a wake-up call for me. I realized that I was playing with fire, and I could have easily died.

I’m now in recovery, and I haven’t taken ecstasy in years. I’m sharing my story in the hope that others will learn from my mistakes.

If you’re thinking about taking ecstasy, please be aware of the risks. It’s not worth risking your life for a night of fun.